Pastmapper, launched in December of 2011, is a platform for organizing data using the visual language of online maps to describe the world of the past. Beginning with online zoomable maps of 1853 and 1914 San Francisco, Pastmapper’s most recent efforts have focused on creating and exposing structured data from historical archives. Maps are rendered as georectified layers into Adobe Illustrator as individual zoom levels, exported to tiles using Maptiler, and displayed using the Google Maps API. Business listings are rendered using Google Fusion Tables and supported by a places database built using a modified implementation of Mediawiki.

Pastmapper is a project by Brad Thompson.

About Brad Thompson

Founder and Creator of Pastmapper

I’ve lived in San Francisco since 2005, where I’ve nurtured an obsession with history and uncovering clues from the past hiding in plain sight. With 11 years’ experience in marketing and business development, I began the Pastmapper project last year with strong g