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Mapping 60 Years of Greenwich Village

In collaboration with the Creating Digital History class at New York University, Pastmapper is adding map and resident data for 60 years of New York City’s Greenwich Village. The project presents detailed data from five federal censuses (1880, 1900, 1910,

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Announcing the Pastmapper app for iOS

Today, I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Pastmapper app for iOS. It’s the result of collaboration with the hard-working team at DoubleDutch, and provides an easily-accessible way to explore the existing set of digitized┬ácity directory data entries.

A Page for Every Place and Time

When a business opens, it takes only a short period of time before its real-world presence is reflected in the online world. Services like Google Maps and Bing Maps are actively updated in a constant struggle to remain current. Google

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The Bumpy Road to Mapping San Matheo

Today, I’ve added brand-new 159-year-old imagery to Pastmapper. Now, in addition to San Francisco, check out… San Matheo! That’s not a typo; San Matheo is (or would become) the San Mateo of today. In 2012, it’s a city about 20

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